Welcome to The White Turtle

When my husband Brian and I first got together, we said “We’re big, we can do whatever we want.” So after living and gardening in Indiana for a few years, we packed up and moved to Nova Scotia. We wanted a place we could call our own, a place where we could build the homestead we had always dreamed of. We started from scratch, and slowly but surely we have built a life here.

The White Turtle:  Apple Green Bench

We live on a dirt road that runs into the sea.  Sometimes, it’s so beautiful here , it feels like a dream.

The idea of living in a place that my hands (and heart) have touched, has always been very appealing to me and my love for this little piece of land has only grown over the years.

I believe that true art is a lifestyle, beauty can bring unspeakable pleasure, and inspiration is the breath of life.